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Successful takeover of Sallhofer GmbH

The long-established company in Austria GmbH Sallhofer (founded in 1919) has a new owner.

Josef Sallhofer and Klaus Oberhumer

The Sallhofer GmbH was founded in 1919 as a Plumber. Johann Sallhofer laid the foundation for later so successful operating companies in mill piping systems.

After his death, the sons took over Dr. Hans Sallhofer (┼ Nov 2010) and Mr. Josef Sallhofer (┼ Dez 2018) the company.

The mid-50s were launched first steps in the mills piping and aluminum tubing systems. The good mix of academics and practitioners should pay for itself in the postwar years. . It started experiments with aluminum tubing and plastic injection parts. But not only the materials, also the function has been improved in general. Several patents have been registered and pointed the way ahead in the piping. For example: branches with adjustable angles in all directions.

In 2011 Klaus Oberhumer took over. He has long experience with the Sallhofer system as his engineering company delivered all the plastic parts for the SALLHOFER SPOUTING SYSTEM.


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