100 years Sallhofer

With its high quality spouting systems, Sallhofer was able to convince a lot of millers during the last 100 years. Leading the way with products like the Control Socket with Magnet, the Vibro Star or the most efficient 2-way valves. Our easy to install system is bringing advantages in installing the spouting.


Meanwhile, we are thinking ahead. Modern materials – better resistant against abrasion and antibacterial are in mind as well as more automatization for easier handling of a mill for improvements of mills in Europe and around the world.


Oberhumer Klaus & Partner Gmbh - a long-standing supplier - buys the Sallhofer GmbH.


1965 - 1980

The Sallhofer GmbH has more than 20 employees and delivers the mill pipe construction in the whole world.

Sepp Sallhofer was born while Therese Sallhofer delivered the first mill pipe construction made of aluminum.


After taking over, CEO Klaus Oberhumer starts making bigger investments in the company's infrastructure to make Sallhofer fit for the next 100 years to come.

2012 - 2019


The Sallhofer GmbH was founded by Johann Sallhofer as a tinsmith.


Josef Sallhofer and afterwards Dr. Hans Sallhofer gets into the enterprise. The ideas for the mill pipe construction let the mixture of an academic top ranked physicist and the practical person come true during the postwar years in Europe. Several patents were forwarded. These ideas are still ahead till this day. The new production plant was built in Braunau - Austria

Dr. Hans Sallhofer (Physician who wrote several books) received the first patent. It was only a starting point as many more followed after that.


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