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Sallhofer with patron saint

Pastor - Maximus Nwolisa from Braunau carried out the blessing

Saint Nepomuk

According to the legend, which led to the later canonization of Johannes Nepomuk, his quarrel with the king did not arose from the conflict within the church, but from his refusal to break the confessional secret.

According to this, the priest did not want to reveal to the king what his unfaithful wife had entrusted him. The priest was then tortured and thrown from the Prague Charles Bridge.

As a result, Saint Nepomuk gained wide popularity among all sections of the population throughout  the 18th century and pushed the Bohemian national saint Wenzel into the background. Also in other countries of the Habsburg monarchy a lively Nepomukcult arose, which reached next to the Austrian countries as far as Pavia, the Banat and the Austrian Wallachia.

As holy helper, especially against water and travel hazards. Although not officially installed as such, Nepomuk can be considered as the "national saint" of the entire Habsburg Empire for the Baroque period.

Canonization: Johannes got beatified on May 31, 1721 by Pope Innozenz XIII. and canonised on March 19, 1729 by Pope Benedict XIII. Patron of the Czech Republic, Bohemia and Bavaria, the city of Salzburg; the confessors, priests, boatmen, raftsmen, millers; the bridges; the confessional secret; against water hazards; with tongue complaints; for secrecy

The artist: Bergthaler Bertl from St. Konrad near Gmunden | Self-taught 33a old


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